About Us


Pakistani Watch Collector (PakWC) was founded in October 29, 2019. The owners behind this setup are watch enthusiasts (Having a great knowledge about watch industry trends and definitely for the watches from different brands as well) so not your normal watch dealers. PakWC operates from Islamabad, Pakistan. PakWC deals in both brand new and preowned branded watches in market competitive prices.

Do you want to know how we are different from the other online or retail stores in Pakistan and what benefits we provide to our customers? Please continue reading to know more about this amazing platform.


In October, 2019 three watch enthusiasts took on a journey to facilitate and help fellow watch lovers to acquire their dream timepieces. We are three brothers who started this platform out of love for horology with following goals in our mind:

  1. To provide Authentic and Branded wristwatches in lowest possible prices.
  2. To introduce brands and watches that are not readily available here in Pakistan.
  3. To not look for huge profit margins instead try our best to fulfil your fetish for horology without burning a hole in pocket because we are not your average dealers but watch nerds ourselves.

Alhamdullilah after great success on our social media platforms in last 2 years we have now (July, 2023) launched our website to keep making luxury affordable to Pakistani Watch Collectors.


Well, all the watches we sell are authentic and priced economically to win the hearts of millions of our customers! We don’t want to earn maximum profits from single purchase you make from us; rather we look forward for repeat purchases from you. Our motto is to make you think about PakWC only when you plan for purchasing a watch for yourself or for your loved ones!


We source all of our watches internationally from different countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Dubai, HongKong, Singapore etc. This way, we ensure what you buy from us is 100% authentic and original.

Special Features You Can Only Get at PakWC

  • We deal in both brand new and preowned watches.
  • We can also arrange any of your favourite model from any brand on preorder. Please refer to our preorder section for more details.
  • We provide 1 year warranty with our preowned watches which none of the store provides here in Pakistan.